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Name:Cala Jane
Birthdate:Oct 14
Animated Ianto Moodtheme by [info]cowboyhd
About Cala Jane:My Stuff:
Hi. My name is Cala. Or Jane. Or Ruler of the Universe. I answer to all three.

I'm not a very social person, however, apparently it's not enough to keep all the people away.
I can be polite, though I prefer to be sarcastic instead.

To sum up my personality I can easily say that I'm all Sunshine and Daisies.

Intrests: angst, tv, sociology, criminal psychology, porn, graphics, pretty things, pretty people, fashion, crack

Friending policy: yes. I have one.
If you friend me and I don't know why you friended me, I won't friend you back. I rarely defriend people, so once on my flist there's a very little possibility you'll be able to run away.

Content of this journal: Twitter feed, Fandom rambling, fics.

For icons go to my graphics journal.
For my articles go to my Helium profile.

If you want to be friends, please don't be whiny or annoying.
Worship, bribes and any kind of material profit is welcome and encuraged.
Media made by me:

Resource post can be found here

Non-Fandom Articles: Helium, AllWrittenDown, Writing makes you Rich, Inspired
Fics: list here
NaNo: 2006 (participation)

My communities:
[info]sanctuaryforall - Sanctuary community
[info]get_creative - Art challenge community

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